Monkey mother love

I was allowed to see the most amazing love spectacle in our very garden today. I heard some noises up in the trees and went to have a look. There are two trees opposite each other, that our monkeys use as a super highway. The larger monkeys just jump the vast distance and land on fragile branches on the other side as if it’s nothing. So mommy monkey did just that. Little baby monkey wasn’t so sure. His bigger brother or sister was waiting patiently, watching the little ones back just in case.

The little one was mewing and kept crawling all over the tree, trying to find a closer  branch. Very clever. It actually tried different branches, heights and also body positions. Jumping from behind a branch? No. In front of the branch… whoooho no balance here… very cute to see. The whole time mommy monkey calls to it.

After about 10 minutes mommy monkey comes closer on the opposite tree, actually weighing the branches down so that they are a little closer, wow. But still the little one doesn’t dare. Mommy calls again. After another few minutes mommy decides to jump back, lightly, easily. The little one scampers immediately onto her back. Now I watched mommy, knowing that the baby is way to heavy by now. Scanning the opposite tree, doing a few little test moves and finally jumping and only just making it. When I cheer, she looks at me. The second monkey follows suit easily. The little family, maybe also a mom with twins :o)  slowly walk off.